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  • Roof: Emergency Helipad

  • Level 24: Deluxe Penthouses

    Incredible views and bespoke interiors.

  • Levels 20—23: Penthouses

    Enjoy the highest spec bespoke fittings you’ll find on the market – and the views. Oh, those views.

  • Levels 13—19: Upper Tower Apartments

    The apartments on floors thirteen to nineteen offer privacy, big views, and more options to customise your home.

  • Levels 9—12: Lower Tower Apartments

    These apartments are so roomy and homely that you can easily move into one from your villa and feel like you have even more space to stretch out. Walk out of the elevator straight into your home.

  • Level 8: Residents' Club House/Amenities/Restauran

  • Levels 3—7: Apartments

    The apartments on floors three to seven are the most affordable option. These apartments share a lobby, but once you’re inside your front door you’ll be in complete privacy, surrounded by space and light.

  • Commercial/retail

  • Level 1: Porte cochère, lobby, concierge, car parking, commercial/retail

  • Basement: Private car parking