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At N1, there is no shortage or lack of anything. Providing you last word, on-the-go amenities is one of our topmost priorities, having established ourselves to be the residence that indeed affords comfort for the people. Too many to mention, but too few not to have. Get all you want in an apartment and share in an experience unlike any other.

  • Health and Fitness

  • Pet and Animal

  • Restaurant and Bar

  • Concierge

  • Garden and Roof top

  • Entertainment

  • Common Areas

  • Security

  • Technology

  • Business

  • Helipad

  • Car Park

  • Function Room

  • Retailer Services


Fitness is next to health.  So we want to make sure you are healthy and fit throughout your stay by providing you with a stable gym facility to flex those muscles and get into great shape.


Sunna and steam room

Keep your skin glowing, and its texture as that of a newborn at our special sauna and steam room. We help you relax your muscles, lower your blood pressure, reduce stress and detoxify your body for a healthier, more productive you.  


Spa, Massage

Professional massage therapists help you relax, ease stress and afford mental balance. Have those muscles hand-worked, and joints fit perfectly back in place at our unique spa facility, where you get only the best service.

Fitness classes

Just in case you are in the woods as to how to stay in good form, we have fitness classes handled by the best instructors. Do yoga, meditation, and exercises to kick your health up several notches and have a great time while doing so.


Swimming pool

An early morning dive could make you more productive, and a late evening dip could just as well keep you relaxed. Enjoy the luxury and calm of an indoor pool surrounded by adequate swimming materials, a spectacular view and bounding nature.


Health Club

Take the ever-wise decision of joining our health club to discipline your fitness routine to stay focused and attain complete all-around sturdiness. Expert training, healthy competition, great gym relationships, extensive amenities, and motivation are but a few of our health club offerings.


Dog washing station

What kind of pet owner would you be if you do not wash your dog as often as recommended? We play our part as a great host by providing you with a dog washing station. There’s no stress, no clog, and no mess.


Pet Friendly

Because we know how much your furry and panting little friends mean to you, we welcome them with open arms and provide you with amenities to take care of them. A pet of our guest is our guest also, so we as well give them the quality treatment they well deserve.


Room service

Order your best bites, tastes, and drinks from our restaurant and bar, and get them delivered right to your bedpost. Our professional room service attendants make sure you get topnotch treatment and enjoy your meal in the comfort of your apartment.


Weekly Food schedule

N1 gives you the opportunity to plan your meals ahead for the next seven days. All you have to do is say what you would like to have and our expert culinary team will religiously keep to your schedule, throwing together what will make your taste buds explode.


Store your favourite bottle of wines

Everyone has different tastes for wine, and you may prefer coming along with your own brand. Our bar has made provision for you to store your favourite sips and access them anytime you see the need. We keep them chilled, safe and always ready to drink.


Private Function Space

Having a client or a business partner over for some important discussions? There’s a private function space furnished with state-of-the-art materials that creates a great environment for the enterprise gist. The space also has access to our restaurant and bar, most especially your personal wine storage.


Food Catering for your event and meeting

 If you want to host an event at N1, we got you covered. Not only do we provide the space and materials, but also help you get the best catering service with exquisite meals that will keep your guests salivating and reminiscing even after the big or not-so-elaborate occasion.


Cleaning services

While you are away, we deploy experienced cleaners to tidy up your apartment and keep the atmosphere lit before you return. We use only the best cleaning materials that will not affect your health or negatively weigh in on your normal work-life routine.

Dry Cleaning

Do your laundry easily, speedily and costlessly. Access our dry cleaning services pioneered by a reliable laundry body that gives your clothes a sparkling clean, fresh look for outings and important occasions. These professionals take your wears as their own – no glitches or errors.


Car wash

Use our concierge service to keep your vehicles clean as well. We have partnered with one of the best car wash companies in Auckland to give our guests’ cars thorough bathing, with respect to cusps and fine edges that give your four-wheel ride an all-new dazzling look.


Building Facilities Bookings

With the help of our mobile walk-through app, make bookings all around the building, and our concierge service will act accordingly. Order items, save spots and meet up with your schedules for maximum productivity, all within the N1 residence.


Roof top garden with seating area with city view

Relish in the impeccability of our rooftop garden equipped with adequate seating capacity for a family and spiced up with an excellent good view of the city. Breathe in fresh air and stay in a place surrounding mostly by nature, best enjoyed at dawn and dusk.


Outdoor BBQ area

Normal is boring; so we have added a barbecue service to make the rooftop experience all the more interesting. Keep your mouth busy and stomach treated with excellent BBQ food service while soaking in the uniqueness of the sky-high position.


Fish pond garden

Watch the quick little creatures swim effortlessly beneath the impeccably transparent waters of our fish pond garden. This is one of the places where you can just sit and collect thoughts at your own checkered pace


Game room and lounge

Spend your evenings and weekends balancing your work life with some play. Unmake yourself from Jack the potential dull boy at our game room and lounge, where you can engage in fun-filled indoor activities such as snooker, darts, and pinball with other residents.


Movie theatre, available to book for your privet use

We bring the cinema experience into the N1 building, a movie theatre to see your favourite screenplays and spend some leisure time. The cutting-edge, comfortable facility is also available for your private bookings should you have a personal cinema goal to accomplish.


Kids Playing area

At N1, we cut the hat for kids. We give them an experience unlike many others, one which they will definitely bug you to bring them back to for another holiday. Our playground is equipped with trendy kids facilities that will help them enjoy the moment while parents watch or work


High-Speed Wi-Fi

While you relax in one of the common areas, you can get a super-fast internet connection to surf the web from your PC or smartphone. A nice place you can just relax and chat with other residents, the connectivity-enabled area space could do a whole lot to make your day.


Guest Lobby

There’s a private lobby you can entertain your guests if you do not want to have them inside your apartment. A spectacular, comfortable and welcoming environment, your visitors will have no problem waiting for just some minutes to meet with you. The lobby is also easily accessible to your apartment.


24/7 Reception

Reception at N1 is obtainable anytime and any day, as we are committed to making your stay as easing and as painless as possible. Our standby reception team receives your visitors and put calls through to let you know they are around – no sudden doorstep surprises.


Secure Guest Registration system with one-time access card

For security purpose, the management provides your guests with an access card that can be used only once. As each visit has its own card, you are protected from forced entries in the future, and can keep yourself aware about who’s coming to see you.


Security monitoring team

As there are surveillance cameras in relevant corners of the N1 building, there is a security team behind the scenes monitoring all the activities within the building and taking cognizance of any irregularities. Nothing gets past the notice of the guards and within-house patrol team.


Building Mobile App

The second-to-none N1 service comes with a user-friendly, feature-packed mobile app that lets you get around the building, keep to tabs with appointments, make bookings and reservations and get across inquiries. The N1 building app enables you to maintain control of your stay right from taps on your smartphone.


Electric Car-charging stations

At N1, we have a place for Tesla. Does your car need some juice? We have provided a charging station where you can fill up your battery in preparation for your drive the next day.


Smart home features

From the ambience of your home to the locking of your door, we have provided the technology to control everything from your N1 building mobile application. Set the mood, cue a soundtrack, adjust the lighting and get other great stuff done with your smartphone.


Robotic delivery

A palsy-walsy robot is tasked with the responsibility of delivering certain items to your door. Hr robot service helps deliver orders faster and more precisely, especially in the absence or bedecking of the conventional room service.


Meeting room

Dedicated to making your clients and business partners at home in every way possible, the meeting room is conducive for your special business meetings, having been equipped with appropriate furniture and facilities, including video conferencing and public address systems


Business Centre

Kick things up the enterprise notch in your very own business centre, a makeshift office where you can easily and effectively conduct your business affairs all day and in close proximity to your apartment. This tailored workplace gives you an atmosphere best suited for optimal productivity.


Printing Service

Because there is hardly any formal business without paperwork, the management of the residence has provided your business centre with a reliable 24-hour printing service to get the ink on the white sheet. We maintain the service regularly to rid you of unprecedented disappointments.


Mailing Service

There’s no need to concern and stress yourself with going to a post office to get your letters and papered services sent to the recipients. N1 has a dependable mailing service that helps you send across the bulk of your formal paperwork to anywhere you want them delivered within the city.



N1’s helipad service let you get emergency flights to avoid traffic and faster service for all our residence. We are also open to public use in event of emergency. 


Taxi service Penthouses

As soon you as you land on our tarmac, you’ll be able to get a quick taxi service to take you to your penthouse. You can hail a cab from your N1 building app or simply call it in with the management, and you are guaranteed a speedy service.


Valet Parking

For the value we attach to your convenience, our valet parking service handles your vehicle as professionally and as non-stressful for you as possible. To ensure the free flow of traffic and conform to security standards, we do not just provide you with a parking space, but also help you neatly park your vehicle there.


Robotic Parking

Where the valets’ bespoke offerings stop, the robotic parking takes over to afford the process even more efficiency. From moving, towing and positioning, our mechanized parking service puts your four-wheel drive where it’s safe and ought to be.


Guest undercover car park

Below base, there is a parking space for your visitors to keep their vehicles, from where they can easily access the private lobby on foot. Secure, free and away from the business of premise traffic, the guest undercover park checks all the boxes.


Residence Private Party Room

We have designed a place for all the residents of N1 to wine, dine, dance and connect with another. The more is definitely the merrier, and that’s why we have an ample space with the relevant amenities to afford in-house funk, one that definitely sparks the building to life.



What other way to stuff your face with Zealander regional food and drinks other than a cafe at a residence inspired by the city itself? Grab meals from the cafe within the building, anything from popcorn to smoothies, and treat yourself to commendable service from the stables of Auckland’s very best.


Beauty salon

Looking good is good business; staying sharp smoothens the edges of your own mind. Get your hair and makeup done with some of the best hands in Auckland. Get manicure and pedicure services within the building, at a salon which offers both male and female finishing touches on your skin, nails, and hair.


Juice Bar

Sometimes, there comes the feeling of breaking from the norm of beer, shakes, and wines and entering the realm of drinks made from tropical fruits. Get your taste buds blown by nutritious mashups from our juice bar, and experience again, quality service.